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Configuring your AR.Drone to use an access point


  • Wireless Router
  • Computer with a wireless NIC and a Telnet Client


  • Set the wireless on the router to use no encryption.
  • Change the IP that the router assigns itself to something other than still in the 192.168.1 sub-net
    • The Ar.Drone is hard-coded to use the IP so the router can't use this IP
  • Connect to the AR.Drone's ad-hoc network with the computer and connect to the drone via telnet
    • Open a command prompt and type: telnet
  • A Linux shell should open if you connected to the drone successfully
  • Send the following command
    • killall udhcpd ; iwconfig ath0 mode managed essid "your network SSID" ; ipconfig ath0 netmask up
    • change "your network SSID" to the SSID of your wireless network
  • The AR.Drone will spend a few minutes configuring itself then you can control the drone by connecting to the access point.

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knock Jun 7, 2012 at 1:18 PM 
With the new update we can switch the connectivity mode from ad hoc to access point.and the windows phone can connect to the Ar drone acces point.
why you are using a router